Masterportal features

A list of implemented and planned Masterportal features can be found in the overview below.

General information
Feature Description Status Contact person
Footer A footer can be configured, links are embeddable implemented LGV
Title A title can be assigned for a Masterportal instance implemented LGV
Logo A logo can be embedded implemented LGV
Menu Masterportal offers a menu bar implemented LGV
Automatic reloading of themes Auto-refresh can be configured for themes implemented LGV
Mouseover Mouseover (hovering) for vector layers implemented LGV
Heat maps (sensor things layer) Masterportal supports the display of heat maps implemented LGV
Contact form A button can be set up which refers to a stored contact form. implemented LGV
WMS Style WMS services can be displayed individually via the web interface implemented LGV
Pop-up functionality A configurable pop-up function for different user inputs implemented LGV
3D imaging The display of 3D city models/terrain models is supported implemented LGV
Legend display The legend for activated themes can be displayed implemented LGV
Responsiveness “Application responsively adapts to different screen resolutions. Masterportal is available in “Desktop,” “Mobile,” and “Tablet” versions implemented LGV
ClickCounter Registers user click behavior implemented LGV
Alerting Alerting system that reacts to certain events implemented LGV
Cookie Info Pop-up informing the user about the use of cookies implemented LGV
MouseHover Support for rendered tool-tips using mouse hover implemented LGV
ZoomToFeature Zoom to a specified feature implemented LGV
ZoomToGeometry Zoom to a specified geometry implemented LGV
Internationalization (i18n) Extensive multilingualism - English already implemented in development LGV
News Module An info. window that displays configurable news in a pop-up window the first time a Masterportal is accessed. implemented LGV
Babel / Eslint parser Babel/eslint parser added to package.json implemented LGV
Intenationalization Configuration of language packages via i18n possible implemented LGV


Feature Description Status Contact person
Printing group themes Function for printing group themes implemented LGV
Printing map section Function for printing the map section implemented LGV
PDF creation PDFs of the generated maps can be created implemented LGV
WMTS WMTS Layers can nowbe printed with MapFish implemented LGV


Feature Description Status Contact person
Expanded filter A filter that is able to filter all WFS available in the map by all attributes and values implemented LGV
Pre-defined filters Pre-definable filters across all WFS implemented LGV
Feature filter Features can be filtered as desired and the map display will correspond. implemented LGV


Map control
Feature Description Status Contact person
Overview map Display of a small overview map in the map window at the bottom right with navigation option implemented LGV
Navigation buttons Buttons in the map for: Zoom in, zoom out, start view implemented LGV
Full screen Button for full-screen view of Masterportal implemented LGV
Scale bar Configurable scale bar implemented LGV
Mouse position Coordinate display of the mouse pointer position implemented LGV
Map section Start coordinates, extent, zoom levels implemented LGV
Location determination Location determination for mobile devices implemented LGV
Clusters of features Function for aggregation of features implemented LGV
Views Map views with predefined map section and themes to be displayed can be accessed implemented LGV
Switch map view forward - backward It is possible to navigate back and forth between the previous map views implemented LGV
Freeze Function to freeze the current view. Among other things, used to avoid accidental view changes, e.g., on touch devices. implemented LGV
Keyboard control Keyboard controls for navigating the UI implemented LGV
Time Slider Layer Slider module has been expanded and allows map sliding via time parameter implemented RLP


Feature Description Status Contact person
Vehicle routing Possibility to determine car routes (interface to external routing service) implemented LGV
School routing Possibility to determine routes to school implemented Hamburg specific LGV
Routing interface Routing tool interface for Open Route Service. Allows batch processing, definition of barrier areas and accessibility analysis implemented BKG


Feature Description Status Contact person
WFS 2.0 integration WFS 2.0 service integration implemented LGV
WMS Integration WMS service integration implemented LGV
Secured WMS Integration and use of WMS services via User / Password (HTTP basic) implemented LGV
Sensor Things API Interface for integration/display of sensor data implemented LGV
WPS Integration WPS Integration implemented LGV
KML Export An export in KML format of the drawn and written objects implemented LGV
KML Import An import of files in KML format implemented LGV
Protected vector and raster services Integration of protected deegree services implemented LGV
AddGeoJSON Add GeoJson layer implemented LGV
AddWms Tool to add an external WMS to the map, even versions lower then 1.3.0 can be imported implemented LGV
WMTS Use of WebmappingTileServices possible implemented Wien
Secured WMS Integration of password secured WMS Services implemented LGV
Multipolygons Multipolygons are fully implemented implemented Thüringen
VTC Vector Tile Caches are integrated implemented Vienna
Donutpolygons Donutpolygons are fully implemented implemented Thüringen
WFS-T Integration of Transactional Web Features implemented LGV
WMST Integration of WMS services with time parameter implemented LGV


Feature Description Status Contact person
Topic search Function to search themes via search slot implemented LGV
Search input field Field for search with placeholder text implemented LGV
Land parcel search Function to search for land parcels implemented Hamburg specific LGV
Search active themes Search visible WFS layers by predefined attributes implemented LGV
OSM Search Nominatim search service of OpenStreetMap addressable in the search field implemented LGV
Elastic Search Integration of ElasticSearch indexes into search implemented LGV
BKG Search Online Germany address search Gazetteer implemented LGV
Komoot Photon Integration of Komoot Photon Search implemented LGV
WFS Search Offers the possibility of creating a generic form that allows search within WFS. Fields can be combined through configruration to create specific searches implemented RLP


Thematic tree
Feature Description Status Contact person
Set transparency Function to control transparency for themes implemented LGV
Sub-categories Themes can be organized into thematic trees with sub-categories implemented LGV
Adjust the order of the themes Themes are customizable in their display order implemented LGV
Message window A message window opens when a theme is activated in the map viewer implemented LGV
Multiple topics Multiple themes can be grouped into a single entry in the thematic tree implemented LGV
Information button on the theme In addition to the theme in the thematic tree, there is an information button, which contains configurable information about the theme implemented LGV
Activating/Deactivating themes Display of themes controllable via thematic tree implemented LGV
Set minimum and maximum scale limits Minimum and maximum scale limits can be configured in the thematic tree implemented LGV
Selected topics The themes selected by the user are included in a separate section of the thematic tree as well implemented LGV
Category Themes can be arranged in the tree according to different categories (e.g., by competent authority or INSPIRE categories) implemented LGV
Set thematic tree Thematic tree can be set so that it is also displayed on the map during navigation implemented LGV


Feature Description Status Contact person
Measure distance/area Function to measure polylines and polygons implemented LGV
Drawing/Writing Drawing and writing tools are available (point, line, area, circle, and text). Created objects can be downloaded in KML format implemented LGV
Layer slider Stacked layers can be played one after another (play, pause, bwd, fwd) implemented LGV
Commuter animation Commuter flows can be visualized and animated implemented Hamburg specific LGV
Measure 3D distances Function for measuring distances in the 3D view, e.g., building heights implemented LGV
Comparison lists Function for comparing different vector features using comparison lists (E.g.: School information system) implemented LGV
Coordinate query Coordinates to a specific point can be queried (support for multiple coordinate systems) implemented LGV
Metadata information query Meta-information on included themes can be accessed via CSW with a single click implemented LGV
Query information (attributes) Attributes of a theme can be retrieved by clicking on the corresponding feature (GetFeatureInfo). implemented LGV
Coordinate search Function to search for coordinates implemented LGV
List Selection of a thematic layer with tabular list of included features implemented LGV
Save selection A parameterized link can be created for the currently configured map view (map section and displayed topics) implemented LGV
Graph Module for generating graphics using d3.js implemented LGV
Shadow Creates shadows in 3D mode implemented LGV
Query information (attributes): Theming Customizable layout of the GFI area implemented LGV
Query number of inhabitants Number of inhabitants can be queried in self-defined areas (rectangle, circle, or polygon) implemented LGV
Buffer analysis New Tool bufferAnalysis implemented implemented Bremen
Time Slider WMST can be used to slide between different time stamps implemented Rheinland Pfalz
Layer Swipe WMST can be used to swipe between different time stamps implemented Rheinland Pfalz
Layer Cluster Toggler A new tool layerClusterToggler to enable the cluster layers to be active and deactivated together. implemented LGV


Language files
Feature Description Status Contact person
Portugese language file Portugese language file for Masterportal done Community Masterportal
Spanish language file Spanish language file for Masterportal done Community Masterportal
Italian language file Italian language file for Masterportal done Community Masterportal
English language file English language file for Masterportal done Community Masterportal


Masterportal add-ons

Masterportal add-on catalog
Category Add-on Description Leadership Tested with Masterportal version License Link
Menu bauforum - Extension for the table view of the menu. The add-on from bauforum manipulates the menu line of the table view and adds buttons to access 3D viewpoints and flights. LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more
Boris boris - Tool for determining the standard land values The tool offers the possibility to retrieve values for a standard ground value zone. Various use types can be selected for this purpose. The determined values can be saved to a PDF file. LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more
Inhabitant query population query - tool to query the inhabitants. This tool can be used to query the number of inhabitants for a selected area in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH) and the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (MRH). Different geometries can be selected for querying on the map. The query is carried out confidentially. LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more
School routing schulwegrouting - tool for determining routes to school This tool can be used to calculate the route from any Hamburg address to any Hamburg school. Official school entrances are also considered. LGV Hamburg 212.1 MIT more
Download standard data package sdpdownload - Tool to download the standard data package This tool allows a data package containing data from ALKIS and ATKIS to be downloaded. This allows an area with different geometries to be selected on the map. Different data formats are offered. LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more
Traffic functions verkehrsfunctions - Queries services related to traffic This addon performs the following two tasks:
1. Queries a service of the tunnel control center (traffic authority) at a configured interval and issues a notification about it if necessary.
2. Updates the WFS, which contains the current traffic situation. (Deprecated, since Masterportal now includes this function)”
LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more
Get feature info showParcelGFI - Extension of Get Feature Info (GFI) Opens the GFI when using the flaecheninfo GFI theme. LGV Hamburg 2.12.1 MIT more

Oblique aerial images


The display of oblique aerial images is supported

2.27.0 MIT more



Allows the user to login with an OIDC server.

Q-Perior 2.30.0 MIT more

GFI Theme sensor data


Provides a GFI theme for displaying sensor data in charts and with download functions

Senatsverwaltung für Mobilität, Verkehr, Klimaschutz und Umwelt Berlin 2.38.0 MIT more

Geodata Importer


Import common geodata formats and OGC services

Terrestris >2.30.0 MIT more

Geodata Exporter


Export WFS and vector layer to common geodata formats

Terrestris >2.30.0 MIT more

Background Switcher


Overviewmap to change background map

Terrestris v2.5.0 MIT more

GFI Pie Charts 


Allows use of pie charts in get feature info pop up dialog

Dataport v.2.38.0 MIT more


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