Maintainer Group

Maintainer Group

Involvement in the Masterportal environment continues to grow! The product maintenance of Masterportal is now supported by a maintainer group!

The Masterportal momentum has been steadily building since the launch of the Implementation Partnership in June 2018. The user base of Masterportal continues to grow with the number of newly developed features by the open-source community, implementation partners, and digital service providers reaching new highs.

Due to the resulting increase in product maintenance requirements, the Strategic Committee of the Implementation Partnership approved the formation of a Masterportal maintainer group. The maintainer group already has seven members and consists of volunteers and experienced developers from the Masterportal environment. The initial members are made up of implementation partners and supporting companies.

The maintainer group is pursuing two goals:

  1. Members of the Maintainer Group support product maintenance in processing pull requests, code review, and bug fixing, further enhancing the quality of the Masterportal code.

  2. The maintainer group allows for active community members to participate and contribute more.

By establishing the Masterportal maintainer group, Masterportal continues to move towards collective ownership and benefits even more from an increasingly active community.

Your Masterportal product management.


Interested developers or service providers with experience in the Masterportal development environment are welcome to contact us by email. The product maintenance team, the product management team, and implementation partners are thrilled about new members in the Masterportal maintainer group.

Members of the maintainer group

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