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New digital planning tool from the Northwest Metropolitan Region

Delmenhorst, July 13, 2020. Digitalization. Thinking ahead. On the now released Internet platform of the Northwest Metropolitan Region, the regional spatial development programs of the counties and the land use plans of the independent cities are presented and made available for download for the first time in a uniform cross-border manner based on the XPlanung standard. All the data from the various planning authorities are brought together on a central platform and made available in a map application based on Masterportal. With this very user-friendly Internet platform, the Northwest Metropolitan Region is a pioneer in e-government. Metropolplaner is not only a blueprint for the planned “PlanDigital” project of the State of Lower Saxony, but also for the form in which collaborative approaches to solutions for the digitization of administration can be successfully developed and implemented.

The project, which was funded by the Bremen and Lower Saxony State development funds and the demographic budget of the State of Lower Saxony, began four years ago when local authorities had to prepare for the introduction of a new data standard and the new EU “INSPIRE” Directive for the provision of digital planning data. In an initial project, extensive training courses on the new data exchange standard were offered to all counties and independent cities in the cooperation area with the goal of enabling the municipalities to build up the necessary expertise themselves to be able to update the data independently, even after the end of the process supported and accompanied by the Metropolitan Region.

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