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New Version 2.22.0 published

Masterportal version 2.22.0 is now available!

Highlights of versions 2.18.0 to 2.21.0:

  • The changelog now contains the item "Breaking Changes”
  • Breaking Changes: The Bootstrap package was upgraded from 3.4.1 to 5.1.3. Masterportal developments with minor versions than Bootstrap 5.1.3 are no longer supported. This also required changes in the configuration (config.json), see also
  • The "latest" version was introduced and always contains the newest version
  • The 3D map has been revised:
    • performance was improved
    • The map marker is displayed again
    • The "Coordinates" tool works again in 3D
    • The "Measure" tool is no longer available in 3D
    • Vector layers like WFS, GeoJSON or OAF (OGC API - Features) are displayed
    • Bugs were fixed
  • OpenLayers version increase to 6.14.1

Complete Changelog: Changelog

Sources: Sources

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