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New Version 2.24.0 published

Masterportal version 2.24.0 is now available!


  • PortalFooter:
    • Possibility to display additional information in the footer
  • Added DPI selection to print dialog (as advertised by mapfish print via "dpiSuggestions")
  • Filter:
    • New option added called "resetLayer". If true it will change the reset button in the filter to a button which resets the whole layer and ignores the prechecked values
    • New component GeometryFilter added. If "geometrySelectorVisible" is true, selecting an area on the map, to filter only within that area, is activated.
  • GFI: Show GFI (Tool: Retrieve information) for vectorTiles layers is now possible.



  • CompareFeatures: The values true and false are now translated.
  • The interactions between the GFI and the Map have been moved from the Map module to the GFI module/tool.
  • Rename the layer names measure_layer to measureLayer and draw import_draw_layer to importDrawLayer.
  • The following NPM packages have been updated:
    • dependencies:
      • core-js: 3.15.2 to 3.24.0



  • Fix unix-related path issue in findWhereJs.js
  • Correct documentation regarding field names (serviceID -> serviceId).
  • Link in footer will now have white text for better readability.
  • Print: Polygon representations are now correctly shown in the map and in the legend.
  • layerSequence: fix possibility to move layers in tree despite defined layerSequence.
  • Print: fix handling for highresolution plotService.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong GFi was displayed after turning on and off different layers.
  • Url parameter 'featureViaURL' with test point is fixed.
  • Issue #689: The layerSlider handle mode displays the layers correctly at the steps.
  • Issue #798: If a tool is opened by url parameter and 'deactivateGFI' is true at tool-config, no gfi is available if tool is open.
  • Issue #800: The Zoom-Out control works again with startZoomlevel: 0.
  • Issue #802: Custom mapMarker configurations is respected again.
  • Issue #804: Legend window will not be cut off when width changes to a maximum.
  • Issue #807: transparency setting for child layers is getting set/initialized now for grouped layers.
  • Issue #810: Filter overwrites the "attributions" status.
  • Fixed language switching bug in the addWMS tool.


Complete Changelog: Changelog

Sources: Sources

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