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New Version 2.26.0 published

Masterportal version 2.26.0 is now available!

This patch adds some highlights to the Masterportal!

  • WFS-T has been refactored to Vue.js
  • Filter: Added possibility to filter SensorThingsAPI layers
  • MapMarker: Added function for rotation in 3D


Complete Change Log:


  • Draw-Tool:
    • if there are attributes set on the feature of drawn layer, after clicking on the feature, the attributes will be shown in standard gfi theme.
  • The following NPM package has been added:
    • devDependencies:
      • @babel/plugin-transform-modules-commonjs: 7.18.6
  • Alerting: attribute "multipleAlert" allows to add single alert or multiple-alert as a list.
  • MapMarker: Added function for rotation in 3D.
  • Reusable component SimpleButton.
  • Added a config.json configuration in addition to highlighting features: 'treeHighlightedFeatures'. If features are highlighted with the "List" or "Select Features" tool with "Zoom to this Feature" or via url parameter, then a layer with these features is selectable in the menu tree.
  • Filter:
    • STA: There is now the possibility to filter SensorThingsAPI layers.


  • OAF:
    • OAF no longer uses title: "next page" as an indicator for the next page but rel: "next".
    • The CRS parameter can be turned off via crs: false. The default crs in the master portal for oaf has been set to
    • The standard limit will be set to 400.
  • Tools are now always rendered in the window in mobile mode, since the sidebar is currently not usable in mobile mode.
  • More variables for fonts were added to the code (not in addons).
  • Filter:
    • For OAF layer, the standard pagination (limit) will be set to 400.
    • For snippet dropdown + multiselect: It is now possible to initially select all available values by setting "prechecked" to "all".
  • The image of the default MapMarker has been replaced by the icon geo-alt-fill from Bootstrap. This means that the marker can now also be printed locally via the print module.
  • The following NPM packages have been updated:
    • dependencies:
      • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.6.0 to 2.8.0 (This also raised ol to version 7.1.0 and olcs to 2.13.1)
      • jsts: 2.9.0 to 2.9.1
      • @geoblocks/print: 0.7.2 to 0.7.3
  • HighlightFeature is working with AD-Secure services now.
  • Refactored tool wfst.


  • The GeoJson-Layer subTyp: OpenSenseMap is deprecated. It will be removed in the next Major-Release!


  • The image of the default MapMarker was removed from img folder.


  • Issue #765: mobile: order of menu entries at first level does no longer change after selected an entry and went back to menu.
  • Issue #825 The Control layerAttributions remain open when a layer with content is activated until they are explicitly collapsed.
  • Issue #826: Tool WFS Search did not work with a parcel.json that had "fluren" with local values. This has been resolved.
  • Issue #829: xml2json parser (used in meta data context) broke on valid XML. It has been extended for the unattended cases.
  • Issue #832: ElasticSearch API fixed for GET requests. (URL building was incomplete.)
  • Issue #835: small quickHelp issue has been fixed (showed topic 3 again instead of 5).
  • drawTool: circles can be drawn with setting defined again.
  • TreeType 'default': if a layer, configured in config.json is not found in services.json, no error occurs.


Complete Changelog: Changelog

Sources: Sources

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