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New Version 2.29.0 published

Masterportal version 2.29.0 is now available!

This update adds new configurable parameters to the SensorThingsAPI and the StyleModel. 

We are very happy to announce the creation of an italian language package for the Masterportal.



Complete Change Log:

Breaking Changes

  • Addon obliqueViewer was renamed to vcOblique. Please check and update portal configuration files if necessary. See documentation


  • StyleModel:
    • A new Style type RegularShape is implemented so that more styles like triangle can be used in MP.
    • Attribute "rotation" is added to text style.
  • STA:
    • A new feature property rotation is implemented for animated features.
    • A new parameter "rotationUnit" is implemented for defining the rotation unit for feature.
    • A new parameter "historicalLocations" is implemented for displaying the given amount of the historical locations.
    • A new parameter "enableContinuousRequest" has been implemented which ensures that the STA API is continuously requested to load new features of the extends.
  • i18n:
    • Update italian language support


  • Routing: changed isochrones url from '/v2/isochrones/$SpeedProfile' to '/v2/isochrones/$SpeedProfile/geojson' to fit to new routing service version.


  • Issue #858: layerTree: layers in mobile are now toggleable when scale change
  • layerSequence: Use of LayerSequence during initial creation of topic tree was not observed.

Complete Changelog: Changelog

Sources: Sources

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