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New Version 2.30.0 published

Masterportal version 2.30.0 is now available!

This update focuses on bugfixing but also adds errorhandling for secure services and a new parameter "filterButtonDisabled" for the layer module.

Complete Change Log:

v2.30.0 - 2023-02-01


  • layers:
    • Errorhandling for secure services.
  • Filter:
    • Added new parameter filterButtonDisabled to disable the filter button while nothing is selected.


  • Layers:
    • Sta: setting the default style of historical features if there are no style defined.
  • Config.json URL: Make sure that URL parameters are preserved in the URL of the config.json
  • The following NPM packages have been updated:
    • dependencies:
      • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.11.0 to 2.12.0
  • Print: only features in the extent are sent to printing now


  • Issue #839: Accordeon is now open initially if active: true is configured. Bug which triggers the error message is now fixed.
  • Issue #861: Initial order of the background maps after using "Save selection" tool was corrected.
  • uiStyle: Set uiStyle from config.js
  • 3D Tiles can now be hidden again with the hiddenFeatures/hiddenObjects attribute.
  • Time-Layer: False recognition of time layer was corrected.

Complete Changelog: Changelog

Sources: Sources

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