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New Version 2.36.0 published

Masterportal version 2.34.0 is now available!


Complete Change Log:

v2.36.0 - 2023-08-02


  • QuickHelp: A description of the route preference recommended route has been added.
  • 3D:
    • Colored highlighting for 3D Tiles has been added.
    • GFI MapMarker appears now on top of elevations by click.
  • Filter:
    • Add: new parameter minZoom and maxZoom in layer configuration to make filter to react with zoom level. If the current zoom level if out of range, the filter will be deactivated.
  • Routing:
    • Possibility to define additional preferences for the different speed profiles (additionally to the BKG service) (requires own modified backend).
    • Possibility to define additional avoid features for the different speed profiles (additionally to the BKG service) (requires own modified backend).
  • GFI:
    • highlightFeature also works for line geometries
    • new parameter: hideMapMarkerOnVectorHighlight
  • WFST:
    • further input type "short" and "float"
  • MouseHover:
    • Added highlighting Vector Layers on mouseHover as requested in Issue #836
    • Configurable in config.js


  • The following packages have been updated:
    • dependencies:
      • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.20.0 to 2.23.0 (with cesium 1.106.0 to @cesium/engine 2.4.1)
  • WFS: Migrated writeTransaction and sendTransaction to masterportalAPI (2.22.0).
  • GFI: gfiFeatures are no longer set to null on every click, but only when there are no features or the gfi is closed


  • Print: The portal is no longer reloaded after pressing the Enter key in the title field. Instead, the print is sent.
  • WFST-Tool:
    • can also parse Geoserver responses from DescribeFeatureType-Requests
    • fixed language pack in nested i18next json
    • correct handling of boolean attributes
  • Issue #863: Print: Consider offsets for point features with icon
  • Issue #1024: LayerInformation: Fix URL generation for given query parameters in service URL
  • Issue #1045: WFSSearch: Fields will be enabled correctly for multiple search instances now
  • Issue #1052, Issue #1058: The legend for wfs is now created again via the describefeaturetype, so that a legend is now created for all wfs.
  • Issue #1057: Filter: Checkbox Snippet does not response right in activation and deactivation.


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