2022-09-09 08:34

Masterportal version 2.25.0 now available!

This patch expands the functionalities of the Masterportal, fixes a couple of bugs and changes a few lines of code.
Highlights: Now the KeepOpen attribute allows parallel use of different tools, polygons can now be styled in hatch patterns. 
Want to know more? Click the tile.


2022-08-19 13:53

We are pleased to welcome the district of Herford to the Masterportal implementation partnership.

2022-08-04 14:28

We are happy to announce that the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau joined the IP.

2022-08-04 11:35

Masterportal version 2.24.0 now available!

In addition to quite a few bugfixes the new Masterportal version adds new functionalities.


2022-07-25 09:44

The complete Masterportal documentation is now published on our website

2022-07-07 15:52

Masterportal version 2.23.0 now available!

In addition to quite a few bugfixes and a couple of changes the new Masterportal version adds new functionalities.

Examples of this are the extension of the filter module and the possibility to load pure javascript addons.

2022-06-14 14:47

terrestris cordially invites you to the first free master portal webinar on June 30th at 10:00 a.m.

2022-06-03 09:27

Masterportal version 2.22.0 now available!

The Masterportal code has been changed profoundly. 
The OpenLayers version has been updated to version 6.14.1. 
In addition the bootstrap package was upgraded from 3.4.1 to 5.1.3. This update requires changes in the config.json. 

Additional information is available on the detailed news page.

2022-05-05 08:52

Masterportal version 2.21.0 now available!
Since January 2022 four new versions of Masterportal have been published. 
Click on the tile to look up somem highlights of the previous patches.

2022-01-06 13:47

Masterportal version 2.17.0 now available!
Refactoring of code base is progressing as planned. CSS extension sass now utilized instead of less.

2021-12-14 14:36

Masterportal not affected by Log4j vulnerability.

Admintool is also not affected.

2021-12-06 15:44

Masterportal version 2.16.0 now available!
 Highlight of the newest version is the implementation of a routing module. Details are available on the detailed news page.

2021-11-04 10:49

Masterportal version 2.15.0 now available!
Locale files for turkish have been added, the migration of the print tool from backbone.js to vue.js is complete and much more. The full patch Notes can be read in the detailed news article.

2021-10-07 08:06

Masterportal version 2.14.0 now available!
VTC-Layer now supports Sprites and Fonts in Styledefinitions. New Tool WFS Search has been added and much more. The full patch Notes can be read in the detailed news article.

2021-09-07 09:34

Masterportal version 2.13.1 now available!
New features have been added and librarises got updated. 
Masterportal API has been raised to version 1.5.0 OpenLayers to 6.6.1

2021-08-04 16:57

We are pleased to welcome the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) to the Masterportal implementation partnership.

2021-07-13 12:45

We are happy to welcome cologne as our 32nd member to our partnership.

2021-06-14 15:40

FOSSGIS 2021 has been an exciting and very successful event.

We are happy that with Hamburg and the BKG two of our partners volunteered to present the Masterportal.


2021-06-04 13:05

Version 2.10.0 focuses on bugfixes and adds new portugese and spanish local language files.

2021-05-31 10:13

Frankfurt am Main now uses the Masterportal to publish their geodata.

2021-05-06 09:47

Version 2.9.0 focuses on bugfixes and code review.

2021-04-13 09:28

With the city of Fribourg we are pleased to welcome another partner to the community.
With our newest partner the partnership now counts 31 members.

2021-04-08 16:00

Besides Bugfixes and little changes the new Masterportal version 2.8.0 adds more functionalities to address requirements of the community.

2021-04-08 14:55

Masterportal will be presented on Dataport house fair. Participation is free of charge and entirely digital.

2021-03-12 10:54

With the city of Esslingen we are pleased to welcome another partner to the community. This means the the Masterportal IP now has 30 partners.

2021-03-11 10:53

We welcome Rhein-Kreis-Neuss as a further member for the implementation partnership Masterportal. They’ve already published their first Masterportal.

2021-03-04 09:37

With the new master portal version, password-protected WMS services can now also be integrated. New version updates are now also planned monthly.

2021-02-03 09:04

Our english website is now ready to be explored.

2021-01-14 15:46

Involvement in the Masterportal environment continues to grow! The product maintenance of Masterportal is now supported by a maintainer group!

2021-01-08 15:54

With the geoportal for the cadastral and surveying office of the Rhine District Neuss, another Masterportal went live. Link: Rhine District Neuss Masterportal

2020-12-11 15:57

Thuringia has put its own Masterportal instance online.

2020-12-07 15:57

The product management team and the administration of Masterportal are pleased to announce the entry of the City of Norderstedt. Thus, the Masterportal IP now consists of 28 strong partners.

2020-11-20 13:55

With ITK Rheinland we are pleased to welcome another association to the Masterportal IP! This means that the Masterportal IP now has 27 partners.

2020-10-22 13:52

The City of Bremen will also be using Masterportal in the future. The entry to the IP has already taken place. We are very much looking forward to working with our colleagues from Bremen.

2020-09-02 14:29

The City of Duisburg has been using Masterportal as its central geoviewer for some time now. Now it has joined the IP. We are thrilled to welcome the 25th partner!

2020-08-28 14:35
In Hamburg, the Meldemichel reporting system is being used productively with the Masterportal API.
A geodata-supported service for citizens of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.
Haßfurt Logo
2020-08-25 14:31

Smart. Green. City. Hassfurt has joined the Masterportal Implementation Partnership! We look forward to our future cooperation!

2020-08-04 14:38

Regional spatial planning programs of the counties and land use plans of the independent cities in the region are available on the new “” Internet platform.

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