Implementation Partnership Masterportal

The Implementation Partnership (IP) was founded aiming to develop the Masterportal independently, sustainably and stably. In the IP, all partners can equally decide on strategic and technical issues relating to the software product. With partners from the public sector, this project contributes to building a digitally sovereign state.

The Implementation Partnership was founded in 2018 by representatives from the cities of Munich, Frankfurt a.M., Remscheid, Hamburg and Schwerin with the Ludwigslust-Parchim district. With a steadily growing number of members, the IP now has 34 members (as of Dec. 2021).

The IP Masterportal is based on several "pillars". Each of its own functions and knowledge that contribute to the stability of the product and community:

Strategic Committee:

  • Body for strategic and official decisions.
  • Controls the development and funding of the master portal
  • Every partner with equal voting rights
  • Managing director: Landesbetrieb Geodaten und Vermessung Hamburg

Technical Committee:

  • Body for technical assessments and recommendations
  • Makes recommendations to the strategic committee
  • Fundamentally shapes the technical development
  • Primary assessment of whether new functions will be incorporated into the central code
  • Managing director: Landesbetrieb Geodaten und Vermessung Hamburg

Product Maintenance:

  • Is responsible for the stability and releases of the master portal
  • Fixes bugs reported in the central issue tracker
  • Represented by the LGV Hamburg

Product Management:

  • Coordinates all organizational matters
  • Contact person for first-time prospects
  • Maintains the central, internal and external communication media (e.g. Twitter)

Maintainer Group:

  • Supports product maintenance in technical matters
  • Consists of voluntary members from different partners

Development Fund:

  • A voluntary pot to finance bug fixes outside the responsibility of product maintenance and new development of master portal modules
  • Currently supported by 13 partners (as of Nov. 2021).

The rules of procedure, as well as membership fees, etc., can be found under Downloads. The partnership is currently open for all German-speaking institutions. However, if any international institution is interested in getting involved, please contact the Product Management. We are open to discuss new solutions.

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