Masterportal Version 2.34.0 veröffentlicht

Das Masterportal steht nun in der Version 2.34.0 zur Verfügung.

Das vollständige Changelog:

v2.34.0 - 2023-06-07

Breaking Changes

The Virtual City Planner tool (virtualcityPLANNER) has been removed


GFI: nested object values can now be addressed from "gfiAttributes" by dot notation. See services.json .


configuration for mobileFooterInfoToggler has been implemented

the icon (arrow) to toggle information is only visible if it is configured


The version of node was updated to ^16.13.2 || ^18.16.0. If you use node 18, you must provide the environment variable NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider or you can alter npm scripts using cross-env, e.g. "start": "cross-env NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider webpack-dev-server --config devtools/webpack.dev.js" to avoid errors with webpack 4 (see https://github.com/webpack/webpack/issues/14532#issuecomment-947807590).

The version of npm was updated to ^8.1.2 || ^9.5.1

The following NPM packages have been updated:


  • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.17.0 to 2.19.0


  • Tool Coordinates: no errors occur on mobile devices.
  • FileImport:
  • Error fixed when importing KML file with polygon without label.
  • KML exported from QGIS can now be loaded in the master portal.
  • Handling of KML generated from the master portal has been improved.
  • URLParam: multiple mdIds entries in the url result in added layers again.
  • Issue      #1016: Draw: When creating a text, it is now prevented that a previous is changed.
  • Issue     #1021: vectorStyle can now handle geometryCollections.
  • Issue       #1022: attributeMapper supports additional time formats
  • Issue    #1025: search via urlparam 'query=' opens the suggestion list again.
  • Issue     #1026: featureLister width fits content now.
  • Issue    #1031/Issue     #1034: printing of non clustered features in clustered layers.
  • Issue    #1032: FileImport: The label style for imported KML is now applied correctly.
  • Issue     #1036: Draw: circle radius is displayed correct for unit 'km'.
  • Issue     #1041: Print: Circles are now broken down into 100 segments and correctly displayed as polygons in the printout.
  • DefaultTree Parser: 3d layers will only be created if 3dLayerList exists.
  • Legend: fixed misrepresentation of WFS layers in legend


Node 16 will no longer be supported as of September 2023 (see https://github.com/nodejs/release#release-schedule).


The following NPM packages have been removed:


  • string-replace-loader


  • dayjs (moved to masterportalAPI dependency)

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