Masterportal Version 2.35.0 veröffentlicht

v2.35.0 - 2023-07-05


AddWMS Tool uses legendURL and MetadataURL from Capabilities.


  • Add: new parameter "filterOnMove" in layer configuration to enable if the layer should be filtered dynamically after the map moves.
  • Add: interface for VectorTiles. Enables filtering for VectorTiles.

Documentation gitWorkflow:

  • A guide for rebasing feature branches with remote has been added. See     Branches and workflow
  • ScaleLine: Added the possibility to select the map scale via a selection in the footer.


  • Add new configuration paramter 'layoutOrder' for print service 'plotservice' to define the order of the layouts in the dropdown.
  • Add new configuration parameter "isPrintDrawnGeoms" for print service "plotservice" to print Draw features and Measure features
  • Webpack Devserver extended to access the secure services via localhost


The following packages have been updated:


  • masterportalapi: 2.19.2 to 2.20.0 (This also raised ol to version 7.4.0 and cesium to version 1.106.0)


  • PrintMap: PrintMap with the 'plotservice' print mode creates successfully print after reopening the tool.
  • Draw: mapmarker is no longer displayed if draw-tool is active and user clicked on map.
  • Draw: when drawing multiple polygons with different transparency values, the transparency is drawn correctly.
  • CoordToolkit: coordInfo hast now a max-width
  • Issue     #1044: The coordinate transformation error by click in 3D map mode is fixed.
  • Issue     #1049/Issue     #1050: GFI: fixed highlighting of features with geometry polygon or multipolygon
  • Issue     #1052: Legend is now displayed correctly again for wfs-layer
  • MQTT topic size: topics are sent individually to avoid issue with overall message size > 64kB
  • Print: fix print module for print service 'plotservice'.
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