Masterportal Version 2.40.0 veröffentlicht

v2.40.0 - 2023-12-06


The following packages have been added:

  • devDependencies:
    • webpack-bundle-analyzer: 4.9.1
  • To manage dependencies of dependencies "overrides" for cesium are added to package.json and create dummy packages for it.
  • Issue #1105: Added easting and nothing labels for utm projections in CoordToolkit
  • possibility to keep more than one tool open at the same time
  • Added parameter minChars to the locationFinder configuration of the searchBar.
  • utils/convertColor: added an option to convert an rgba array into a hex color with alpha value
  • Searchbar tree: add a layertree path to the search result. Add a typename for background layer.
  • Added opacity to configurable parameters of styleRoute



  • The script "npm run build" has been extended. The user can now specify the name of an addon that is excluded from bundle.
  • The roadmap dates have been updated. See      Readme.
  • Highlighting features via URL:
    • now accepts multiple feature ids, seperated with commas.
    • Zooms the map, so that all highlighted features are visible.
  • The following NPM packages have been updated:
    • dependencies:
      • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.29.0 to 2.30.0
  • New parameter "loaderOverlayMaxWait" has been added to configure the maximum loading time for Loader Overlay
  • Issue #1064: Print: parameter to configure invisible layer info
  • Added radio selection of background layers in custom treetype when 'singleBaseLayer' is true



  • The following packages have been removed:
    • devDependencies:
      • webpack-visualizer-plugin



  • prepareFeaturesFor3D is now called after loading
  • Geojson layer: prepareFeaturesFor3D is now called after loading.
  • Issue #1081: Transmit authorization token to services after login
  • Issue #1091: VectorStyle: read geometry type from geoserver featureTypeRequest and do not fail if some rules in style.json have no condition.
  • Issue #1093: Fixed the Wrong CRS in GeoJSON by Download filtered data
  • Issue #1099: The package.json is adapted, now the size of the bundle, created with "npm run build" is reduced.
  • Issue #1109: Folders with identical names are searchable in searchbar tree search.
  • Search gazeteer: the results to show are arranged to prefer entries, that start with first char of searchstring.



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