Masterportal Version 2.44.0 veröffentlicht

v2.44.0 - 2024-04-03


  • PoiOrientation:
    • Improved handling when selecting a feature from the list.
    • Poi control is now displayed in the same way as Orientation when selected.
    • customPosition can now be overwritten via config.json.
  • A layers extent can now be used from the getCapabilities request and applied when a layer gets selected.
  • Added WMS support to add CQL filters by attribute.


The following packages have been updated:

  • dependencies:
    • @masterportal/masterportalapi: 2.34.0 to 2.35.0


  • Issue #1148: fixed bug in vector search so that it can handle GeometryCollection.
  • Issue #1154: setting of altitude and AltitudeOffset as z coordinate now works for GeometryCollection.
  • Issue #1157: using layer attribute legend: "ignore" hides legend tab in layerinformation.
  • WFST-Tool: Added WFS-T fixes & improvements.
  • WfsSearch: It is now also possible to zoom in on result features with a geometry of type polygon.
  • PoiOrientation:
    • Only features that match the selected distance are displayed.
  • WfsSearch: Closing the WfsSearch UI and clicking on the "ResetUI"-Button now also remove the highlighting.
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