Masterportal Version 2.46.0 veröffentlicht

v2.46.0 - 2024-06-05



  • Drawn entities can be rotated.
  • Dimensions of rectangles can now be set using forms when selected.
  • Added copy function for drawn models.
  • Added options section to draw overview.



  • Polygon and line highlighting has been changed
  • Measurement labels of drawn entities can now be toggled on/off individually.
  • Labels now move and get updated when the corresponding entity gets changed or moves.
  • Moving entities takes cursor position into account and uses it as an anchor point.
  • Tools: The active tools which are only supported in 3D mode will be closed after switching to 2D mode.


  • Depending on the load state of the configured layers, the selection is activated automatically.
  • A loading indicator is shown, if layers are still loading.
  • Layer options in the dropdown are enabled once the layer is fully loaded.
  • Improved error handling.


Measure module:

  • Entities from other tools are now ignored when pressing "delete measurements".


  • The line width of polylines can be edited again.
  • The color picker for editing polylines shows the right color again.
  • Selected drawn entities can be exported again as geojson.


  • Issue #1160: Fixed bug in area calculation during editing.
  • Issue #1165: Fixed a bug in scrollToLayer(), where focus-behaviour did not work as intended in tree.
  • Issue #1166: function isHTML now recognizes more HTML tags in one String as valid.
  • Issue #1179: Add Parameter "WithCredentials" to highlightFeaturesByAttribute axios request, so that it works with secured layers.
  • Issue #1181: Fixed printing multipolygon features when labelField is configured.
  • Issue #1191: Create URL with right order of baselayers if only baselayers are selected.
  • Removed empty span-Tag in Layertree for singleBaseLayer
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